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Latest NEWS: RUF Investor prospect and RUF capacity report

Case Stories: ** Seattle ** Los Angeles ** Denmark **

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The  System

(RUF = Rapid Urban Flexible)
RUF combines the best of cars
with the best of trains

Invented by Palle R Jensen

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The Individual Vehicle

The ruf is an electric/hybrid car
without congestion and pollution problems.

Design: Morten Bartholdy, Vinther Grafik

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The Collective Vehicle

The maxi-ruf is a very attractive bus.
It offers door-to-door transportation
and very easy access.

Design Thomas Dickson, Tomcat Design

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The Ultra Light Guideway

The guideway is a very slender
triangular monorail.

Cost: $7 mio/mile for bidirectional guideway.

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RUF Events latest update:
June 3rd 2010

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Robert Jacobsens Vej 78.4.2
2300 Copenhagen S., Denmark
Mobile: (+45) 4078 7655
E-mail: PRJ@RUF.DK

RUF test center
Lautrupvang 15
2750 Ballerup

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