RUF commuter 1 Bus/train commuter 1
Time: 7:00 AM

20 minutes to wake up time

sleep.gif (25635 bytes)

The ruf commuter is asleep.

He is dreaming about all the transportation options he has got after becoming a RUF-member.

He uses a bicycle for all short local trips .

He uses a public ruf for his daily commute. Working in the centre of the city, he finds it very appealing not having to worry about parking. The RUF company takes care of maintenance, and if a problem arises, a maxi-ruf will take care of his further transportation.

For longer trips he rents a hybrid-unit to put under the ruf. With that he can drive anywhere like in an old fashioned car.

As a RUF-member he has access to car-sharing when he needs to go to the countryside or travel long distance. Many old fashioned cars are available.

He is also dreaming about buying his own private ruf. Since all the car manufacturers have begun producing rufs, a lot of attractive ruf versions are available. He would like to have a hybrid ruf in order to be able to drive anywhere.

Time: 7:00 AM

Wake up time

wake_up.jpg (11170 bytes)

The bus/train commuter has to wake up.

He has been dreaming about all the problems which may arise during his commute. Is it raining? Will he get wet at the bus stop? Will he be able to catch the train as planned, or will he have to wait for the next train? Will he be able to find a seat?

His friends keep asking him why he doesn't join the RUF movement. Well, he is tempted!










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