RUF monorail in Seattle ?, more HERE

1 The system (Invention: Palle R Jensen, Design: Thomas Dickson, Tomcat design)

The RUF system is a Dual-Mode system. It combines the advantages of the car with the qualities of a train.

2 The individual vehicle (Design: Morten Bartholdy, Vinther Grafik)

The ruf is an electric/hybrid car without congestion and pollution problems.

3 The collective vehicle

The maxi-ruf is a very attractive bus. It offers door-to-door transportation and very easy access.

4 The guideway

Rufs and maxi-rufs can "ride" closely coupled on a very slender and inexpensive guideway.

RUF International (Consortium partners: Mogens Balslev A/S and Palle R Jensen)

Produktionsvej 2, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 7217 7202, Fax: (+45) 7217 7216, E-mail: RUF@RUF.DK