RUF test track at IKT in Ballerup:

Design model 1:1,  June 28th 1998:

Created by Thomas Dickson, Industrial Designer

Funded by Designfonden, Denmark

ww_des5.jpg (8057 bytes)

Status of RUF prototype 1:1, Sept 21st 1998

Created by:

Palle R Jensen, Wolfgang Schröder, Uffe Gottschalk, Jesper, Frank, Knud and other students from IKT.

Funded by:

Ministery for Education, Energy and Environment

Sponsered by Mogens Balslev A/S, NESA A/S and Hawker Batteries

proto8.jpg (31076 bytes)

Motor is not yet mounted. It is shown in white foam.

proto9.jpg (34085 bytes)

Drivers seat. Note the channel in the middle. There is plenty of room for the passengers.

proto10.jpg (35490 bytes)

Steering arrangement with the linear motor in the middle.

proto11.jpg (31895 bytes)

Note the battery container under the seat (no batteries mounted yet).