Mechanical systems 1


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All vehicles in the RUF system have wheels both for road driving and for rail driving. All wheels are rolling with the same peripheral speed, so that no rubber will be burned when the ruf drives from road to rail and from rail to road.

The driving friction can be increased if necessary by pressing the drive wheels harder against the top of the rail. This means that a ruf can climb steep slopes and that it can work in bad weather. The driving force is applied exactly in front of the center of gravity.

Emergency braking can be obtained under all circumstances using the special rail brake. It can squeeze the top of the rail in the rear of the ruf. This means that the braking force is applied precisely behind the center of gravity. Stability is very high because the center of gravity is placed below the top of the rail.

The lateral guidance on the guideway is much better than if a car is guided by magnetic nails as in the proposed Automated Highway System.

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