Latest update Dec. 8.  2014

A new opportunity for RUF has been found in Denmark


RUF International has been through a major change between 2006 and 2014

The presentation at the recent conference in Aalborg, Denmark where a complete RUF session was organized, is now available at the address:

Palle R Jensen was on CBC radio in Toronto on Oct. 14 live!
Listen to the interview at:

The Lounsbery Foundation ( is now supporting the creation of ruf no. 2

A contract has been signed between RUF International and SREI in Calcutta regarding all future RUF projects in India

29 animations in Real Media format have been added to the website. Press the button MOVIES to get access.

The ARTE channel (Germany/France) will send a 7 minutes program about RUF on Nov. 25 at 7 PM to 7:45 PM
The program is called Archimedes and is about "Man and Future".

3 school classes have made interviews with the RUF inventor: Palle R Jensen.
They are competing about making the best newspaper, so they were looking for the most interesting stories.
The newspaper is ready on Oct. 31st. 2003

Second week of August 2003 was the best week so far for with 3600 hits.

An e-mail from Arnold Schwartzenegger as a response to a mail from RUF, states:
With your help, we will soon return California's golden promise by rebuilding our economy, reforming the political system, and providing hope and opportunity for our children's futures.
I guess a lot of people have been told this :-)

A new sponsor Bravida has donated a complete functional building to the RUF test track.