Guideway cost


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The guideway must be strong enough to carry the vehicles. If the vehicles are trains, the peak load is very high (1,000 kg/m). This means that the guideway will be very heavy. In a train system, the trains have poor braking performance, so the separation between trains has to be long.

In a RUF system, braking via the rail brake is very efficient, so the RUF-trains can drive more frequent. The load per m of guideway is relatively low (400 kg/m). Since it is the peak load which determines the size of the guideway, the RUF guideway can be much more slender. This means that it is less expensive and has a minimal visual impact.

The guideway can be produced on a factory under optimal conditions. The 20 m long modules can be moved along the guideway itself. This way it wil cause minimal obstruction to the rest of the traffic during construction.

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